Party in My Pocket

I think my phone is ill.   Typed in a text message, sent it, put the phone back to sleep, and slipped it back into my pocket.  2 minutes later, the vibrate function starts going off continuously.  Hmm, no new messages, no incoming calls, no other notifications.  Nothing would stop it, short of reboot.  Argh.

I like to listen to podcasts in the car by jacking the phone into the car stereo (via a low tech headphone cable.)  This has worked great for the 2 years I’ve been doing it.  Until yesterday, when starting a track and the phone starts making random boops and beeps out the blue.  Again, no pending notifications, just random garbage noise.

Guess its time to go phone shopping again.  Curiously, since I switched to no-contract cell carriers, I can’t seem to find a phone that holds together for more than a year.





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