Boston Marathon Bombing

Hearing about the attack was particularly troubling for me.  I’ve done lots of races over the years.  Many were pretty small, but some were fairly big in terms of runners and spectators.  Its terrible to think that something like this could have happened at any one of them.

I’m kinda outside of the running scene at the moment due to family stuff, but I’m pretty sure that some of my old running buddies were at Boston this year.  I hope everybody was able to avoid the fray or at least make it away unhurt.

As a runner, I can imagine the horror of having a day of celebration ruined by such an event.  I know first hand the investment of time and energy to have a successful go at running 26 miles.  Its very sad that someone needs to mar such an accomplishment for so many people, and their supporters.

As a father, I’m somewhat more troubled.  Initial reports say that some of the killed and hurt were kids.  Last year, I took Jilly to the Mountain Goat race.  While no where near the scale of the Boston Marathon, it still attracts a few thousand runners and a few times that in spectators (and volunteers.)  She had a great time, enjoying the race, the people, and the party afterward.

I was planning to take both kids to the race this year (and probably the Boilermaker, too.)  I probably still will, but I’ll admit that I’ll probably be at least a little paranoid.






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