Achievement Unlocked!

Recently the toilet went from annoying (making a bizarre screeching noise as it was filling) to busticated (as in the cut off valve failed, so it never stops trying to fill.)

After versing my self on the toilet repair process, I waded in (thankfully not literally.)  As mentioned in the comments on that last post, first attempt was blocked by not having a socket wrench to remove the tank.  2 more trips to Sears’ tool department and I was over that (looked like 1/2″, but its really 7/16″, argh.)

Right tool in hand, the tank came off with no hassles.  Removing the old guts wasn’t too bad, but getting the big nut that holds the drain and overflow tube was a little challenging without a pipe wrench.

I fitted the new overflow tube and checked the height.  Since this was a universal repair kit, you need to cut the tube to fit the specific shape of your tank.   A quick trip down to the workshop in the garage and the cut was done.  Affixed the nut and washer on the bottom of the tank and then put it back on the base and bolted it together.

Next you set the height on the flow valve.  Again, being from a universal kit, its got a lot of variability.  Using the overflow tube to the get the needed height for the flow value, I quickly determined that I didn’t cut enough off the overflow tube.  (it needs to 1″ lower than the ‘critical level’ on the flow valve.)  Unfortunately, this needed me to rewind and remove the tank and take off the overflow tube again.  Annoying, but not terrible.

Fast forward back to installing the flow value with the new cut on the overflow tube and we’re back in business.  I hooked up the chain  from the handle to the flapper, hooked up the water supply line, gave the bolts that hold the tank on one more turn.  I then turned the water back on.  Out of the gate all the calibrations looked just about right.  The only adjustment I made was to make the water level just a 1/4″ lower.

I flushed it a few times and hunted around for leaks.  Seems to be OK.  Gonna say its job complete after looking for leaks again later today.  Also advised the Mrs. how to cut the water off herself if something goes south while I’m at work today.

Jason: 1 Toilet: 0





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