Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-22

  • just lucky. only times its rained during the last 2 weeks have been the times I'm loading groceries in the car at wegmans. #soaked #
  • didn't really mind getting wet though. need some cooler weather anyway. #
  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Dave Matthews Band (39), Genesis (21) & Panic! At the Disco (16) #tweeklyfm #
  • oh pogoplug, what you so sloooooow? #
  • come on, 24 minutes to copy 3Gb? to a drive on local network? arggggh. #
  • Let the fun begin… #
  • preparing for hd replacement. backing stuff up. one of my vbox appliances is 8Gb. backup drive is FAT. no go. argh. #
  • Dusting off split & concat did the trick though… #
  • s&c is just a gui for the split command line tool. oh well, saved me from having to read the split man page. #
  • Ran 4.49 miles in 42 mins and felt alright. tired and sore #
  • still working on that HD replacement. backup over pogoplug too slow. jack drive in direct. still slow. verified/repaired backup disk. #
  • and yep, still slow. copying 22Gb of photos last reported 'about a day' to finish. maybe run 'repair' on the drive I'm about to replace? #
  • ok, its 87 degrees out and there's a guy in a full Batman suit doing some sort of radio promo down on the street. #goodluckwiththat #
  • MacBook ram and hd hardware upgrades installed. Waiting for lion net installer to kick off. #
  • New twitter app seems to have less suck than the last version. He says after 10 minute test drive. #
  • This gonna take a while… #
  • rough night. feels like a I didn't sleep a wink. #
  • osx lion install only ended up taking about 2H. the early ETA for completion estimate was way off, thank fully. #
  • the macbook hardware update easy. only 10 minutes to swap both RAM and harddrive. osx installer booted off usb with no hassles. #
  • there was a glitch when the installer tried verify hardware. hung up because clock was way off (due disconnect of battery during upgrade) #
  • after manually setting clock on command line, the installer worked as expected. #
  • oh doodie, that's right, I didn't buy iLife in the mac store. phew, glad I have the applications disc that came with the mac. #
  • iLife back. unfortunately is 2.1Gb worth of updates behind the times. oh well, glad FIOS don't have any caps. #
  • This is How You Paint a 150 Foot Tall Batman #
  • I’m sharing my Shutterfly Klout Perk! Enjoy one professionally bound photo book from @Shutterfly. #SFLYperk #
  • perlbrew for mac needs a couple extra switches to get all tests to pass. #
  • also needed a little help to get DBD::mysql to fly #
  • Garage sailing again. No big scores yet. #
  • wow, a 20 button mouse? #





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