Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-01

  • amazing. #1 slept until 8:40. … and woke up happy. hope we'll have less than the average number of time outs today. #
  • geez, getting non-apple movies into iMovie on iPad is a pain. #
  • geez, almost easier to just edit in iMovie on the mac, since I have to use it to get the movie onto the iPad anyway. #
  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Dave Matthews Band (61), Roger Waters (34) & Rob Zombie (19) #tweeklyfm #
  • if you see @skcrowther today, please wish her a happy 8th anniversary! #
  • oh, those @gap folks are clever. "please tell your email address to complete the transaction" when I'm in the store. #
  • and me, like an idiot, just rattles off my email. argh. #
  • Me likes me some Lettuce. #
  • Lettuce was just at The Westcott Theater shouldn't went. #
  • teetering on that fine line between brilliant and retarded. #
  • WIN!: Starry Night Dominoes WIN #
  • Paula's Fried Butter Balls Recipe say what? #
  • 19 Patents Invented by Ingenious Celebrities #
  • still amazed that I can crash unity but all my apps keep running fine. "unity –replace" I use all to often #
  • remembering the good old days: #
  • oddly quiet at CHQ. #1 out at scheduled time. #2 punched out early. the mrs. catching up on missing ZZZ's. #
  • news flash: water main break on jefferson st. jackhammers and heavy equipment already on the scene. #
  • sweet, now we've got some ambulance action down on the street. #productivtySurrenders #
  • back from another trip to terminal to kill firefox hung on a page with flash. hurumph. #
  • Water pipe blowout closes block of W. Jefferson St. #
  • just got my hairs clipped. hides the greys. #
  • rough night with the kids. #1 crying but not awake. #2 up multiple times. suspect he's having trouble getting comfortable. #
  • one road project finished (690E). another one starts (690W ramp from bridge street). missing coming to work before morning rush. #
  • still pretty cool that you can renew checkbooks online at #
  • Busy, but good…..helmet checkup day! @mamabailly #
  • making breakfast to sound of cat puking in the distance. #whydoIbother #





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