Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-06-17

  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Michael Jackson (17), Modest Mouse (14) & Meat Loaf (13) #tweeklyfm #
  • ok, wine and SQLYOG, you can stop eating my ubuntu window headers. #annoyed #
  • attempting to scrap serious suck out of some 1st generation ajax code. oh, my brain, it hurts. #
  • My training last week: 1 workout for 4.49 mi and 506 calories burned #
  • 2 year old with no listening ears and a cranky overheated 5 month old have done worn daddy out, again. #
  • current status: melting. pondering turning down the a/c a few clicks so I stop leaving puddles all over the house. #
  • Quality time with my dental hygienist. Fun stuff. #
  • Cool there must be a new cell tower near my dentist. Data actually works here now. #
  • Apple – OS X Mountain Lion – YouTube yes, please. especially for only $19 #
  • Carved Book Landscapes #
  • Exploring Expressions of Emotions in GitHub Commit Messages #
  • Template::Plugin::Dumper why don't I use this more? #
  • preparing for post Dinosaur BarBQue nap. #
  • do yourself a favor, learn how to use the splice command. you'll thank me. #
  • awesome photo canvas packages from cg pro prints. #





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