Yep, running still sucks.

Figured I was long overdue to lace up the running shoes again.  So, at 5:05 AM, I suited up and headed out the door.  After a brief flash of “what am I doing?”  after all its, dark, foggy, breezy and only 30 degrees out, I settle into a nice slow pace, keeping an eye out for potential icy spots.

Felt pretty good for the first block.  Then, the breeze caught up with me.  Second guessed the choice of shorts.  Brrr.  But, after a few more blocks, it was only slightly annoying.  I was pretty pleased that my body seemed to work.  No major aches or cramps.  Mildly impressive considering the 5 month layover.

After returning to my nice warm house (and sleeping family), I remembered my favorite part of the run: the finish.  Lets see if I can repeat the recipe tomorrow.





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