Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-06-10

  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Dave Matthews Band (43), Cake (14) & DDave Matthews Band (12) #tweeklyfm #
  • ubuntu update nearly successful. only problem is some wine windows mess up unity and kill window title bars. #
  • hoping that ppa update for wine will fix it. #
  • hmm. think that update fixed things. but, it broke the wine program loader. #didntwanttoworkanyway #
  • Can hear cat snoring. He's in living room downstairs and we're in bed upstairs. WTF? #
  • oh snap. Wine eating my window decorations again. argh. #
  • oh look. my android phone battery is down to 3%. after charging last night. foo. #
  • a few more minutes of quiet as I pay bills. today's kiddo mayhem starts in 3… 2… 1. #
  • MindMeister mind mapping and Google Drive excellent tech details of google drive integration #
  • like the way the latest firefox update shows you changes since the last version. handy. #
  • not that I'm here often, but the my mazda dealer has free wifi. cool. #
  • oddly satisfying how much "git rm -rf" I'm using today. #
  • Ran 4.49 miles in 39 mins and felt good. not bad, returning after a few weeks off. #
  • ha, I just hit 50 miles running for the year. can remember when I used to do that in a week; regularly. #
  • Wow just beat a monster line of people at the DMV. Hopefully out soon. #
  • How did people kill time before twitter? #
  • dmb at saratoga fond memories. #
  • Mister Rogers Remixed good stuff! #
  • new for ticketmaster: "Ticket prices subject to change based on date/time of purchase." #
  • and, of course: "There will be no price adjustments for prior ticket purchases" #
  • NPR's 'Car Talk' duo will put on the brakes after 25 years #
  • A Film By Harmony Korine: The Black Keys – Gold On The Ceiling say what now? #
  • TIFI WIN: Meet Scanbox #





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