Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-05-27

  • 2 year old, between time outs, thought would be helpful to jump in the tub on her own; with all her clothes on… #facepalm #
  • Lawn mowed, weeds whacked, flowers watered, gutters cleaned, tail light bulb replaced, beer imbibed. When does the relaxing start? #
  • My training last week: 1 workout for 4.49 mi and 519 calories burned #
  • another day, and yet more jackhammering down on the street. if I had an sanity left, I lose the rest of it today. #
  • Steve Jobs Tribute at the Webby Awards #
  • Warning: Do Not Try On Your iPhone #
  • can this week be done already? #
  • I guess I don't really need to go to DMB concerts anymore. damn youtube. #
  • say what, multicam bootleg video? wild stuff. #
  • ah, yes. dave now has frikken' lasers. #
  • dmb is nice, but how about about a whole Roger Waters 2012 Wall show, in 1080P excuse me, I'll be back in 90 minutes. #





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