Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-18

  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx (20), Genesis (12) & Pearl Jam (11) #tweeklyfm #
  • Trying to get to sleep with cat snoring like a trucker across the room. #
  • aw fiddlesticks. 2x trips to daycare this am. forgot her shoes. #notagoodstart #
  • #2 wailing for 3H. #1 refused to get in car seat for daycare. Mrs. frazzled. Me sick. yeah, its gonna be a good day. #
  • The George Takei Happy Dance – YouTube #
  • hmm. crack window open for fresh and street noise? #
  • Using the hell out of git gui blame to untangle some craptastic old code. #
  • nothing like have a catering truck parked outside your open office window when your stomach is all wonky. argh. #
  • switching to home office after #1 sent home sick from daycare. #
  • digging yEd for ER diagrams #
  • lookie there, 5000th tweet! Onward and upward. #
  • up since 3 with cranky kid. gonna be another great day. #pleasemakeitstop #
  • with the return of nice weather, comes my hay fever. excellent. #
  • The Black Keys Boston Garden March 7, 2012 – YouTube seriously rock'n stuff #
  • so #2 tagged #1 in for last night. alternated between whining and crying for hours last night. no issues, just wanted company it seems. #
  • as expected #2 was a boat load of fun after that up in the middle of the night thing. getting her in car seat for day care required crowbar #
  • Super. Post nasal drip and coughing on tap for this night. #somebodypleaseshootme #
  • We've got a thumbsucker in training #
  • I need that DJ Lance hat! #
  • relatively calm night at CHQ. #2 went down early and only got up once. #1 went down later, puttered around, but stayed asleep this time. #
  • FF11's 3d inspector is kinda silly, but I can't stop messing around with it. #
  • Curious, my ganglion cyst just disappeared. No bible or other religious texts involved. #





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