Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-02-12

  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Genesis (21), Umphrey's McGee (20) & Michael Jackson (16) #tweeklyfm #
  • trying to quickly pay bills during a rare quiet moment in the Crowther house. #
  • reliving the good old days of bootlegs. downloading a 1Gb show in 100Mb chunks. #torrentplease #
  • Current Status: Pink Floyd: London 1989 #
  • Surprised that I still have a music player that plays shorten files. #
  • realized my everyday walking shoes were beyond worn out. that explains why my feet were aching every morning. #
  • let's see how these new all terrain New Balance kicks work out. stiff but comfy. #
  • Watched most of the superbowl. Must be getting old not; enough energy to find something else to watch. #yawn #
  • would be real nice if folks you're supposed to be testing with showed up on time. #
  • that construction drill noise outside my window is delightful. almost as delightful as the jackhammer it seemed to have replaced. #
  • nice mojo tear off with DBIx::Class MojoExample – #
  • oh, lookie there my phone was crashed for at least 10 hours. had to pull the battery and wait 5 min for it to reboot. #fail #
  • attempting scrub suck off of some old code. frustrated. #
  • Hoping to sneak in a long overdue hair cut… not sure about how successful I'll be. #
  • props to @VMUcare for making it super easy to swap phones with no human support. #
  • getting caught up on random housework before the kids get up. semi-successful so far. #
  • Another crazy saturday at the crowther house. Far too much whining, crying, and yelling. #





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