Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-02-05

  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Roger Waters (34), Umphrey's McGee (28) & Johnny Cash (19) #tweeklyfm #
  • Number two is overtired and playing the lets keep spitting out the pacifier game. Argh. #
  • super, 6" of snow overnight. oh right, it is winter. #
  • Mojolicious (Introduction)- Google Docs #
  • trying to do some IE testing in a virtual machine. xp decides now is great time to restart on its own to apply updates. #fortheloveof #
  • wondering why a xls file with 10,000 rows (6 simple columns) is 3.3Mb. whatevah. #
  • hanging out with Lukey while momma takes jingles to the dentist. #
  • sad that jingles missed seeing the garbage truck. that's one of her favorite tuesday activities. #
  • endless coughing slowly be replaced by endless sneezing. #
  • almost a coffee emergency at the office. good thing there was enough pike for one more pot hiding the freezer. #
  • Basecamp Next's caching hardware #





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