Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-22

  • Nothing I enjoy more than being sick as a dog with an out of control 2 year old on the loose. #
  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Genesis (29), William Shatner (21) & Pomplamoose (21) #tweeklyfm #
  • enjoy brief quite time before the kids get up after a rough night. #
  • Dressed to Win: Turtle Power! #
  • Not Quite Christmas Sweaters But It’ll Do #
  • Spring 12 Developer Preview – #
  • bit the crap out of my tongue due to a bump on the chin from #1 drinking this glass of orange juice is nearly tear inducing. #
  • Waiting for the wind to carry our house off to Oz. #
  • Hot flashes are great! I love trying to get back to sleep in cold, wet sheets. Can this cold get over with already? #
  • dragging myself to the dr. today. cold not getting any better, if not worse. #
  • Killing time at the dr's office. Probably paying someone $30 to tell me I need antibiotics. #
  • Business as usual. 15 minutes past my appointment and I'm still in the waiting room. Need vanishing copays to compensate for the wait. #
  • So, the dr said it's just virus. Just keep taking ibuprofen and deal with it. #
  • Can a please have that hour and half and $30 copay back? Shakes fist… #
  • slept a little better last night. no fevers, that's a big improvement. still a lot of hacking, even with cough syrup. #
  • less achy this morning, but still feel like my head is gonna asplode at any second. #
  • oh goodie. the jackhammers are back! another project starting on so. salina across in earshot. #
  • Current status: coughing myself into oblivion; one hour after choking down extra strength robitussin dm. #enoughalready #
  • Best of 2011 – Year In Music – #
  • Man accidentally shoots 3-inch nail into brain and lives to joke about it #
  • think I may actually survive this cold. been able to go without ibuprofen for 12 hours. #
  • now, does anyone have anything for an unruly 2 year old and a cranky newborn? #
  • Knockout JS whoa! #
  • why do I have a headache after sitting at my computer for 20 minutes? oh, right, forgot my glasses. #oldage #





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