Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-15

  • geez, another ears turned off incident. I hate to yell, but its the only way to get her attention. #
  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Live (21), Beastie Boys (15) & The Black Keys (15) #tweeklyfm #
  • Modern Day Rube Goldberg #
  • bye bye sprint account it was nice knowing you. too bad you don't have any reasonable smart phone plans. #
  • (says 11 year customer who spent $10k with them over the years) oh well. viva la virginmobile! #
  • oh, so you can use as an mp3 as ringtone on my phone. its just not obvious. #
  • (play the song in the music player, and click 'use a ringtone' from setting menu.) yeah, I would have guessed that. #
  • good thing there's google search to help me learn how to use my google phone. foo. #
  • tim horton's mochas? only thing I can say is that they're less expensive than starbucks. #passNextTime #
  • A guide to preventing SQL injection #
  • Sitting in luke's room continually jamming the pacifier back in. May resort to duct tape soon. #
  • Cranky newborn and 2 year old with breathing problems. The fun never stops at the Crowther house. #whoneedssleep #
  • Skybound Stylizer slick realtime CSS Editor #
  • Spending more quality time at wegmans pharmacy. More copays to ensue, yeah! #
  • Would be nice if wegmans free wifi reached to the pharmacy waiting area… #
  • Whats with the school closings? 90 minutes ago it was raining. Now it's a white out. #cnyejectbutton #
  • pleasantly surprised how well my new $16.99 cordless phone works. #score #
  • Pondering moving snow or staying in bed a bit longer. Bed nice, but forecasting regret if I don't start attacking the snow now… #
  • jacked in my new pogo plug. its really as easy plug in wall, ethernet, and hard drive. #melikey #





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