Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-08

  • one minute prescription pickup turns into 30 minute hassle. why is it so hard to process no-copay coupons? #
  • Jilly aka Houdini got out of her sleeper and onesy, without unsnapping the latter. We're doomed when she figures out door knobs. #
  • RT @alexlindsay: When my son screams, I tell him to scream louder (he looses interest). When my daughter screams, I don't… because "11 … #
  • Luke having trouble nursing because he keeps violently farting while filling his diapers. #
  • Yes, my kids are not likely to talk to me during their teenage years… #
  • $1000 worth of business books for free? Yes please! via @appsumo #
  • My Top 2 #lastfm Artists: The Black Keys (11) & Scott Weiland (1) #tweeklyfm #
  • no big snow yet. barely 3" in the driveway. #
  • Preparing for my triumphant return to work after the best vacation I never had. #
  • ok away messages for email and vmail turned off. guess I should try to do something productive. #
  • just picked up no. 1's latest prescription. my price $0. retail: $494.99 ! #
  • think this new medicine must be made from distilled unicorn tears mixed with gold dust. #
  • Naps help toddlers ‘face’ the day #
  • trying hotot twitter client. nothing too fancy, but pretty nice so far. #
  • Silence Is Holy #
  • please pray for me. 2 year old had meltdown before bedtime big time. think her ears were completely disconnected. #
  • maybe there's hope for android. wife's new phone doesn't suck as much as mine. didn't crash it doing all the setup stuff. #





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