Ok, why is the baby monitor beeping?

Hmm, its 12:07am and the baby monitor is beeping like its out of range.  Let me shut that up.  Wait, why is it so quiet?  No heater or humidifiers droning to be heard.  Who turned out the overnight light in the living room?

Oh, snap, the power is out.

There’s some kind of ruckus going right in front of my house outside.  Mercy me, that’s quite a collection of National Grid (still wanna say Niagara Mohawk) utility guys and equipment working fervently on the pole right in front of my house.  Looks like the aged stepdown transformer finally gave up the ghost.

I didn’t stay up to wait for the return of power, but blinking clocks in my kitchen say the power came back on by 1:30am.  Phew, a whole night without heat when its 25 out wouldn’t be so great.

Suspect that the ailing transformer was puttering out in the early evening last night. From time to time we had some unexplained brown-outs.  Curiously, they were only on some circuits in the house and not others.  Hopefully, everything is now resolved.






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