Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-12-25

  • cranking up the Merry Axemas to try to rev up some spirit. #
  • Picked up photos printed at walmart. Pics were ready but took them 15 minutes to find them. At least they came out ok. #
  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Pink Floyd (40), The Black Keys (20) & Edie Brickell (14) #tweeklyfm #
  • though I slept ok (except for cat at 2:42 am), but now feeling like I need 4-6H of sleep to be normal. #
  • Mebbe this grande starbucks bold will jumpstart my brain #fingerscrossed #
  • Apple's late cofounder and CEO Steve Jobs will be honored with a Grammy #
  • preparing to liberate another hundred pounds of assorted obsolete e-junk. how come my office is still a mess? #
  • moved my iTunes library to an external drive. reindexing all files in new location will likely take an age. #
  • y'know what'd be nice? if iTunes import had a real progress-o-meter instead of just an animated bar. #
  • Mercy! 0-60 in a blink. At hospital, new crowther soon! #
  • Curse you crummy phone… crash every time I tweet from app. #
  • If you haven't bet yet you're out of luck… #
  • Why am I using 3G when there's free wifi? #
  • Water is busted. Waiting for the magical urge to push… #
  • Welcome to the world Luke Leroi Crowther! 6lbs 10oz. Healthy and pink… #
  • Here we go, first pic! #
  • Guess the iPad camera isn't so bad… #
  • hmm. I've been up for 21 hours. I should probably go to bed now. merry christmas, all. #





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