Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-11-13

  • bose noise canceling headphones are great, unless you wear glasses. #
  • David Gilmour Talks About Wish You Were Here #
  • opening the window in the office to better appreciate the non stop OSHA back up alarms down at street level. #
  • forecast says were headed to 70 degrees today. not too shabby for CNY november. all down hill after that though #
  • cool. I have a new phone line 4 days and I've already had 5 robo calls, 2 within an hour of activation. #
  • giggling as print off some silly little cards to promote my #Movember campaign. #
  • not sure why, but day light savings reversion is only now catching up with me. wide awake at 4am. #
  • its gonna be a great day. any day that starts off with cleaning up cat puke it the bathroom is gonna be a winner #amiright #
  • mercy, just got really dark all the sudden. some weather a foot methinks. #





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