Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-11-06

  • considering growing a mustache for Movember #
  • English muffin pizzas! #
  • Manicotta headed for the oven… #
  • Bat Girl! #
  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Ben Folds (68), William Shatner (39) & Gnarls Barkley (29) #tweeklyfm #
  • I’ve donated my face to #Movember & men’s health, pls give so it may grow: #
  • oh, ubuntu 11.10, why does everything I run end up eating all my CPU? thunderbird, ff, banshee. #pleaseSuckLess #
  • trying to decide if I like the new google reader look and feel. its certainly purtier than the old. #
  • many thanks to @lowensteinbs for the ginormous challah he just dropped off. pondering the weight gain to ensue with its consumption. #
  • CodeSOD: The Query of Despair #
  • have I mentioned how much my peeps rock? not even 12 hours into Movember, and I've already raised $150! #
  • guess I'm gonna have to be serious about keeping the goatee for a whole month now. #
  • hmm. vacuum has marked decrease in suction. might be related to the 3 cats worth of hair trapped in the filter. #
  • Mythbusters in Syracuse? Now we're talk'n. Sweet! #
  • thank you android for resetting my desktop back to default yet again. argh. #
  • trying to tweet from the formerly known as me menu in ubuntu 11.10 #
  • wow. surprised that it actually works. is there keyboard shortcut for 'update status'? #
  • Ask a Mortician, Episode 1 #
  • work work work. shopping, bills, chores, yard work. can I take a nap now? #





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