Hello to all my new friends!

Bots or otherwise…

Mercy, that’s quite a spike.  Easily most page views for a single day in the 8 or so years I’ve been running this blog.

Most were on the home page, but a good chunk are on an archive page that’s pretty ordinary;  mostly twitter updates, save for a few thousand word rant about my identify theft nightmare.

UPDATE 2012-11-20: please see this post for where this traffic is coming from.





4 responses to “Hello to all my new friends!”

  1. JB Avatar

    Someone fairly well known who shares your name died on 11/12. I suspect your blog was found by people looking for info on him — the same way I found it.

  2. […] Turns out that another Jason Crowther (of Utah) recently passed away and folks are finding me instead of him.  Thanks to the folks who reported this in comments on my recent post. […]

  3. jasonjcrowther Avatar

    @Nicole, @JB. Thanks for the background. Condolences on the loss.

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