Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-30

  • cupcake ipsum is nice, but not as nice as bacon ipsum http:// #
  • if any one would like a free samsung intercept android phone, please wait on jefferson st, mine is about to go flying out the window. #
  • the understatement: Android Orphans: Visualizing a Sad History of Support #
  • gonna be a rough winter. I think the heater in the mazda is about 10 btu. windshield didn't defrost after 15 minutes waiting in driveway. #
  • and another 12 minutes of driving. still had ice on the window when I rolled into the garage at work. #
  • ubuntu 11.10 is real good at one thing, so far. making me curse. trash my login, crash on restart, lost network configs. argh. #
  • related: if any one really likes the new unity desktop in ubuntu, just buy a mac. all the stuff they copied works in actually works in osx #
  • Why Steve Jobs’ SL55 AMG never had license plates #





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