Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-09

  • picking spider webs out of my hair after expedition in the crawl space. need to drag the shop vac down with me next time. #
  • rough night. jingles up every 2 hours. she's just a little sick. we're thinking maybe nightmares? #
  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Dave Matthews Band (27), Umphrey's McGee (20) & Live (19) #tweeklyfm #
  • Fixin' to be another crummy night. Jingles already up once. Think it might be the big mirror in new room. Covered it lets see how things go #
  • fixing to go postal if someone doesn't stop that car alarm going off continually right outside my window. #
  • Fork the Open Source CMS that's a purty website they's got there. #
  • dock says jingles doesn't have any have any ear infections. so waking up at night is either teething or 'night terrors'. gulp. #
  • gonna be another fun night. night terror no. 1 already landed. #parentingfun #
  • curious. iPhone 4s will be available on Sprint, but that fact hasn't made it onto the Sprint website yet. #
  • apple fanboy-ist aside, the world of tech has lost its most beloved, hated, and unique visionary. thanks for giving us your all. #
  • good steve jobs clips playing now on #ripstevejobs #
  • I just entered to win Dropbox Pro For Life FREE via @appsumo #
  • Great deal on Kernest Konstellations today – 76% off via @appsumo #
  • wonder if the guy who invented the OSHA back up alarm beeper ever had to sit next a major construction project for a day. #
  • Bright fall morning- enhanced by Paper Camera #
  • New Hotness: Extreme Jaccuzzing #





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