Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-02

  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Santana (25), Florence + The Machine (20) & The Black Keys (18) #tweeklyfm #
  • converting guest bedroom to jingles' new sleeping quarters. #
  • right her bath tonight, jingles sat on her new potty and tinkled a bit. woo-hoo! #
  • hmm. digit yowling his head off right now. Think it translates to, "please daddy, I wanna be homeless." that can be arranged. #
  • strange, national grid calling me with phantom service requests. called back and they have no record of work scheduled. #
  • ok, home office area rejiggered to accommodate the queen size bed formerly in jingles room. don't ask. #
  • anybody got a use for a quality futon? she's got some miles on her, but in good shape overall. pick it up, its yours. #
  • Failbook: It’s Always More Delicious With Less Jar-Jar Binks #
  • love Hills HVAC. arrival window 8am to 10am. they show up at 7:57am. #canIgetMoreOfThat #
  • think I must have broken some kind of record for nearly running over pedestrians on the way to work. folds just randomly wandering in street #
  • yikes. bad nap time == hell on wheels near bed time. #
  • too bad that's R8 for a day tho. sniff. #WantAnR8 #
  • Google Analytics V5 MW for $0 via @appsumo #
  • nice follow up today for yesterdays 6.5 miler, another 6.5 miler. can't remember the last time I ran 2 days in a row. #
  • yeah, its definitely CNY fall now. cold, dark, and rainy. #
  • Jinlges' second trip to the MOST. The dinosaurs were a little scary, but a big hit regardless. #





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