Hoot Hoot

I’ve been using WordPress’ Twitter Tools and Social plug-ins to syndicate my blog posts to Twitter (which is sucked into my Facebook account further down the line.)

The workflow has been pretty good, but its got 2 problems:

  1. When you post via the WordPress bookmarklet, it doesn’t trigger the social broadcast options.  Not a horribly big deal, but I’ve been using that bookmarklet a lot lately.
  2. There isn’t a clear road map for syndicating to Google+

Looking around for way to pull off the second part, I found a Hootsuite.  It looks promising to replace both my existing Twitter syndication and add the missing Google+ syndication as well.

I haven’t delved too deep yet, but Hootsuite just sucks the goodness of WordPress’ RSS (or any feed generator) and pushes out the posts from their side.

I just wired up the Twitter part, lets see if catches this post…





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