Updated Bingo Tech

As mentioned in the last post, I brought my little baby arrival betting app.  While the general idea is the same as the version that I made for Jilly (aka Critter), I rewrote most of the code to experiment with some newer technologies.  Here’s some details:

  • Switched framework from CGI::Application to Mojolicious.  Not terribly different coding wise, but Mojo seems to be faster to develop in.  It also runs persistent via FastCGI.
  • Rather than winging ORM, I’m giving DBIx::Class a shot.  Makes the easy stuff easier, but ran into learning curve trying to do harder stuff.  All in all, I think I like it though.
  • YUI for frontend.   Cut over all the prototype, scriptaculous, and protip stuff.  Added a bunch of widgets (carousel, dialogs, tabs).
  • Fancy web fonts from Google.
  • Twitter integration.  When bets are placed tweets are posted automatically.  Recent tweets are fetched and cached for display on the bingo main page.  Net::Twitter::Lite helped a lot here.

I’ve still got a few more features in mind, if I can ever find some time to and energy to get around to implementing them.  Stay tuned.





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