Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-28

  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Adele (34), Dave Matthews Band (31) & Live (17) #tweeklyfm #
  • ok, can anyone else get to been unreachable for me since yesterday. #
  • Combine Free-For-All miss you carmageddon II #
  • grinding mac to halt testing website on ubuntu vm from a win7 vm. everybody just get a mac, pleez. #
  • ok, silly weather. why is there a tiny storm cell right over my neighborhood right when I wanna go running? #
  • when (other watching a movie) would I use iTunes' lion style full screen mode? #
  • stuff I use: keyboard launchers: on mac, quicksilver. on ubuntu, its cousin, gnome-do. #
  • enjoying a 3600px wide desktop. at least, temporarily. #
  • Whoa? Was that an #earthquake #
  • not a pleasant run this am. thought my ongoing ankle issues were gonna be problematic. but, had a bad stitch in side for most of the run. #
  • Sprint to Get Apple iPhone 5 – #
  • I totally got back to sprint for an iphone 5, if their service in my neighborhood didn't suck. #
  • The Great Washington Earthquake of 2011 – The Washington Post via @schumonk #
  • Breaking: Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO (Updated) #
  • Hurricane Tracker #
  • hmm. only 20 minutes to realize that 'dbi::mysql::mydb' != 'dbi:mysql:mydb' #
  • probably enough programming for today, I guess. #





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