Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-14

  • happened to have a gmail window open will using amazon app store on my phone. reciept showed up before app finished download. #
  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: The Black Keys (44), Joe Satriani (28) & David Gilmour (21) #tweeklyfm #
  • dying of thirst after a hot 8 miler this morning. #
  • digging mac, android, and web clients very similar. me likey. #
  • not sure I wanna know why photoshop cs3 on mac needs a java run time… #
  • Mojocast #2 Placeholders, methods, and formats #
  • waiting for my win7 virtual machine to boot so I can test a feature in stupid IE9. argh. #
  • I love how recent versions of Firefox make all textarea input fields resizable. Woot. #
  • ready for my afternoon nap after birthday get together for @tiffrogers78 at danzers. that was one fine reuben. #
  • awesome heat lightning during the run this morning. could have done with out the 2 minute downpour though. #
  • cool, NPR is playing Beastie Boys for bumper music. #
  • Apple reacts to London riots #
  • for sale, 1 cat. $25. Limited time $50 rebate. immediate delivery available. #
  • Beer Brewin’ Bender #
  • Mac 101: Capture your signature using OS X Lion's Preview app #
  • Dear Aunt TUAW: What is this cheap iPhone data plan you speak of? #
  • I love you #YUI menus, but I'm guessing its damn near impossible to customize your CSS with out the help of Firebug. #
  • curse you @woot, and your too tempting monitor deal. #
  • my favorite non-kosher tool of the day? #
  • Apple releases Lion Recovery Disk Assistant #
  • Giggling to myself as I work on a little side project. Mojolicious makes building web apps fun again. #perl #
  • trying to resist another woot. would I take more pictures if I had something more portable? #





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