Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-07

  • lion update came with a version of iTunes older than what I had? #supwithdat #
  • I've got one of those 47 in one memory card readers. to keep things exciting they didn't label any of the slots. #
  • forgotten how fun editing video is with iMovie. nice that mac rotate my cellphone video clip completely in half a blink. #progress #
  • removed about a pound of dryer lint from our dryer outlet hose. #scary #
  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Tom Petty (34), Dave Matthews Band (22) & My Morning Jacket (22) #tweeklyfm #
  • building the coffin for flash? #
  • Different Sort Of Parking Ticket #
  • Coffee Ice Cubes Prevent Iced Coffee Dilution [Drinks] #
  • ow. woke up with a very sore nose this morning. might be related to a bop from the wee one at bed time last night. #
  • each time I blue screen XP in a virtual machine, an angel gets their wings. heaven is gonna need air traffic control pretty soon. #
  • yep, that's me. sunflower golden nostrils. #
  • kinda freaked out by ability to resize window on any edge, rather just lower right corner. maybe apple did know what was right for me? #
  • lion's mission control is pretty slick. solves my issues with forgetting which desktop had which program running. #
  • ooops. grabbed a regular running shirt out of the closet this morning instead of a hot weather shirt. ow. #
  • ask another running if you're unclear why this is a problem. #
  • CodeSOD: Manually-propagating Worm hehe. "with successfulness" #
  • Finally broke down and bought some new running shoes. crazy light! #
  • Brutal. One of the more notable events during the recording… #
  • Does Your ISP Meet Its Advertised Speed Rates? fios ftw! #
  • having fun porting a CGI::Application to Mojolicious #
  • NFS'ng a folder on mac to an Ubuntu virtual machine for development is the cat's pajamas. Getting addicted to git tower client. #
  • I leave the Ubuntu vm running on a different desktop and don't really need to check in much at all. slick! #
  • test tweet from net::twitter::lite! #
  • cool. other than installing missing ssl dev package, net::twitter::lite was a piece of cake to install (with cpanm, of course!) #
  • new running shoes good. feet a lot less angry at the end of a nice 6.5 miler (third this week!) #
  • post run breakfast of champions? peanut butter sandwich, fresh strawberries, and mio fruit punch enhanced water. #
  • curious. billing problems with the 2 different dentists we use. one messed up billing to insurance. the other can't find a payment i sent #





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