Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-31

  • trying to track down why checking account balance is off by $5.95. think it might take a beer to solve this mystery. #
  • had nice but hot visit to the zoo with the jingles. she's really into animals now. penguins were the highlight. #
  • OS X Lion's new window resizing features feature? #
  • wondering how scary my electric bill will be this month with this crazy heat wave we've got going on. #
  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Ben Folds (17), Beastie Boys (15) & Santana (12) #tweeklyfm #
  • nice run this morning after a week off due to schedule constraints. #
  • HTML5’s Microdata, Search, and the Collaboration of the Search Giants » SitePoint #
  • whatdya know? mio the "liquid water enhancer" is actually good. a few drops makes water taste like coolaid. waterconsumption++ #
  • guess I have to see if the mio convenience makes it worth it over just buying plain old koolaid. #
  • sniff. totally missing the turbo on the old passat. oh well, suppose it was time to graduate to fuel economy. #
  • nice walk up to farmers market aborted by black skies of impending thunderstorm. #
  • cool! @PurplewireUSA, my employer, is now in the twittersphere. #
  • Personal Productivity – Stack Exchange interesting #
  • wow, didn't know google web fonts got a make over. slick! #
  • Multi-Crash Car Tests Are Terrifying #
  • Panic’s lost 1982 artwork. Found. #
  • enjoying a little quiet time whilst the jingles sleeps. #
  • had an almost incident free solo grocery run with jingles earlier. got through the store fine, but pinched a finger in seat belt buckle.yow. #
  • just realized that I've had my mac for 6 months and never plugged in an ethernet cable (at home, anyway.) the future is here. #
  • Work Schedule #
  • moved piles of junk of my mac to free up space for impending max osx lion upgrade. should I pull trigger or wait a bit more? #
  • osx lion, here I come! please don't break my heart. kthxbye #
  • well, lion update was pretty uneventful. as forecasted, first new preference changed was stop back assword mouse wheel scrolling. #





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