Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-03

  • celebrating 7 years of fun with @skcrowther by trying to entertain our insane 18 month old. #
  • took a good bop from the nose from jilly, might have been enough to make a shiner. #ohgreat #
  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Israel Kamakawiwo'ole (19), Gnarls Barkley (16) & Black Eyed Peas (15) #tweeklyfm #
  • Needs to get me some of them Dave Matthews band caravan boots. #
  • 6 hours of sleep. 6 miles of running. probably not a good equation. #
  • hmm. the simpsons playset in my office I got years ago from @anthonyk56 is now going off randomly on its own. #
  • this is the second simpsons toy I've had that seems to have a mind of its own. #
  • reminds me of the halloween episode where the krusty doll got switched into 'evil' mode. #creepy #
  • no shiner from the big bopper (aka jilly) but all kinds of sinus troubles today. don't think its related though. #
  • Gonna be a Dmb day at work tomorrow. Sat and sun Atlantic city shows torrenting now. #
  • DMB Caravan Video Compilation 2011/06/24 almost makes me wanna start going to shows again. #
  • skipped the run 'cause I was all dribbly and hacking. should have went anyway. #slacker #
  • tired before run today, more tired after. let the caffeinated beverages begin! #
  • just recycle about 4 dozen cd's worth of games and software that I'll never use again. #
  • fond memories of carmageddons 1, 2, and 3. #wastedyouth #
  • KISS @ turning stone $95? #
  • I do like how ticketbastard shows the fees right next to the face price these days, so you can see how much you're getting raked. #
  • Git Cheat Sheet brought to you by the folks who make Tower the awesome git client for mac. #
  • Spent after what feels like a marathon week. Remembering the good old days when I was still functional after 10 pm #





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