Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-26

  • for those who enjoyed it earlier, here's that german potato salad recipe. yum! #
  • oh fiddlesticks, the wee one is sick again. more nebulizer fun. great! #
  • Seven Things You Should Know About WordPress 3.2 #
  • looking forward to the new distraction free writing screen in the updated wordpress. #
  • don't think it'll do much for crying kids and howling cats though. #
  • kudos to the wife on the excellent mandarin chinese chicken for dinner tonight. looking forward to a lunch repeat. #
  • probably not good when your monthly EOB review statement from health insurance is 8 pages long. #
  • nice, lazy 6 miler before work this morning. followed by 10 minutes of terror trying to nebulize kid. beginning to think she doesn't like it #
  • mercy I'm tired. pre-work run, tiring day at the office, and nice walk the jingles on the back. think bed is my near future. #
  • gonna take my cats, tie their tails together and punt them to the curb. #dontwakeupdaddyat4am #
  • hmm. scary looking weather radar at the moment. think I'm gonna pass on the run this morning. #
  • why does the guy who lives across the street park in front of my house, rather than in his own empty driveway? #
  • thanks win7 for logging out and applying patches right in the middle of what I was doing. #
  • The Truth About Dirty Jobs #
  • after umpteen bazillion tries, got cpanm to install. turns out an errant PERL5LIB env variable was eff'ng stuff up. #
  • now, I can't remember what I was trying install in the first place. #
  • surprisingly, no complaints from all my must have plugins when going from firefox 4 to 5. mozilla ftw. #
  • nice to xp still crashes just as much in a virtualbox vm. #kaboom #argh #
  • Does life online give you 'popcorn brain'? #
  • based on that last link, I think I should probably seek help. #





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