Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-19

  • now there's a good birthday present… thanks JRD… #
  • Amazed that jingles love Mexican from chipotle. At half a taco, most of the chips and a ton of pico de gallo. Wow. #
  • Waiting for the shuttle after dropping off the wife's wheels for a drive shaft replace #itsalwayssomething #
  • Enjoyed a little sentimental drive through north syracuse on the way to drivers village #
  • My most annoying android interface glitch? Multipurpose hardware back button. Sucks on samsung intercept with buttons hidden under glass #
  • 2012 Beetle mmm. turbo. #
  • shocked to find out that drive shaft replacement (>$500) covered by vw, even though car out of original warranty! #
  • would have been covered by 3rd party extended warranty, but since its on them, no deductible! #
  • "make the book that is your life worth reading." -ben harper #
  • oh man, fresh strawberries at farmers market. should have bought more. #
  • ok brain, # for comment in perl, // for comment in javascript. get it straight. #
  • Fiat 500 Is Still Cute, but Now Sunny as Well – cc: @gmorten1 @schumonk #
  • Hawaiian 105 KINE its been too long. #
  • holy hive of activity in the landmark project today. seems like there's a hundred guys goes going in all directions. #
  • bidding found farewell to the sidewalks in front of the office building doors. looks they're taking them out today. #notmorejackhammers #
  • Wood Mousepad me likey #
  • love the chrome cache clear dialog "Obliterate the following items from:"… #
  • stuff on my desk is vibrating around. #
  • My Cat is a Dick. #
  • going old school with some 'Throwing Copper' #
  • damn you amazon mp3 store and too tempting pricing. #
  • have I mentioned yet today how much I appreciate my bose noise canceling headphones? #jackhammers #
  • Good bye sidewalks, part I #
  • Good bye sidwalks, part II #
  • snapping on a fancy new mac book pro case. unfortunately, a cat beat me to it and put a nice scratch in the lid. jerk. #
  • guess they weren't done with the jackhammers. step 1: headphones. step 2: ibuprofin. #
  • hmm. got hip that's a little angry from the run this morning. #gettingold #
  • still loving git scm. a snap to work on two vastly different areas of same project. #
  • props to komodo edit too. it rolls with the punches when I change git branches. always keeps everything in sync. #
  • Not-A-Kludge: Great, Now I Want To Relive My Childhood #
  • Alarm Dock gives your iPhone retro cred #
  • I'm a commit-aholic going for a record today. #gitrocks #
  • wondering why I have boxes and boxes of receipts from more than 3 years ago. time to purge! #
  • you know they're doing serious work, when they use the big backhoe to put a baby backhoe into the hole they're digging. #
  • giving tweekdeck a whirl again. started off great. asked for an update, so I said sure. adobe air installer app goes down in flames. #
  • fortunately, the tweetdeck update did seem to take. #
  • RT @postsecret: Number of US Fireworks-Related Injuries in 2009– Roman Candles: 200, Bottle Rockets: 300, Sparklers: 1,000 #
  • verizon fios account support rocks. got all the info I needed with their chat support. #
  • jQAPI – Alternative jQuery Documentation #
  • RT @persdevquotes: It takes half your life before you discover life is a do-it-yourself project. ~ Napoleon Hill #
  • all excited to try out the new kid seat for my bike. until I tried to install and found out its a no go. won't fit my bike frame. #
  • so, back to the store it goes. oh well. at least I bought it local. shipping back the ginormous box would be a pain. #
  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: My Morning Jacket (33), Beastie Boys (30) & Black Label Society (27) #tweeklyfm #





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