Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-12

  • lawn looks a little better with new mower blade. more cut than torn. #
  • man, wish I saw that camera deal on woot before sell out. #
  • great. they're pumping concrete right outside my work window again. #herecometheheadphones #
  • WWDC 2011 liveblog: #
  • tried to turn on some compiz features I like and managed to temporarily hose my desktop. lost menu title bars and ability to move windows. #
  • damn you compizconfig settings manager. eventually flipped the right switches to fix things. #
  • along the way, figured out you can use buttons 6/7 in viewport switcher to enable changing desktops with your mouse rocker buttons. cooll! #
  • WWDC Keynote comments: OSX Lion, nothing groundbreaking, but definite upgrade for only $29. #
  • iTunes match. access all your music (itunes bought and otherwise) from cloud for $25/year. yep, I'll take it. #
  • current status: sneezing myself off my chair #hayfever #
  • Stone Temple Pilots headline K-Rockathon interesting… #
  • just got a sales call from omaha steaks. people still make sales calls? its 2011 folks. #
  • hmm. facebook twitter app gets further than the white screen of death. lets see if this makes it in. #
  • that's a negative. the ajax spinner next to enable tweets to go my facebook profile never stopped spinning. lets try that again. #
  • and tweets are back to facebook! hope all my stalkers are happy. #
  • using mouse rocker buttons to change desktops is slick! #
  • feeling much less frittery at work after nice pre-work run. hope to repeat. #
  • wasted half hour of my life trying to get a 44 seconds real video file to play. haven't these people heard of youtube? #
  • hmm. mac seems slow. oh, wait, its just firefox eating 1.25Gb of memory. again. maybe I should try to like safari more? #
  • thank you for the excitement mr. jetta vr6. no you can't pass me on the right when that lane ends in 500 feet. #stupiddrivers #
  • the evasive maneuver did make miss turbo though. sniff. #
  • hmm. need more bacon after that last tweet. #
  • Facepalm – Wikipedia I didn't know there was an emoticon M( #
  • oh great, sinus headache ramping up. #
  • head fixin' to asplode after trying to figure out why YUI delegate event handling doesn't quite work in IE. #
  • mercy its hot out. trying to cool down upon return to office. #
  • install win7 for testing. hold me. #
  • Most things don’t work in IE. Hence why you shouldn’t use IE. good luck with that. #
  • cleaned off mac desktop. down to less than a handful of icons. ah that's better. tomorrow night, physical desktop clearing! #
  • nice 4ish miler before work today. kinda slow on the hills, but nothing hurts. ++ #
  • take 2 on the win7 upgrade. turns out you can use upgrade dvd to clean install, but you can't activate it. nice. #couldhavetoldme #
  • I think I may have a problem… #
  • f*ck you IE. why can't element.setAttribute('class', 'myClassName') just work? #
  • oops. kept the wee one up a few minutes too late. crazed, overtired lunatic during bed prep procedures. #
  • Monster cherry picker… #
  • Think the steel is just about done. #
  • happy to overtired in half a blink. argh. #
  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: My Morning Jacket (36), Umphrey's McGee (35) & The Black Keys (15) #tweeklyfm #





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