Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-29

  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Pink Floyd (31), Beastie Boys (30) & Johnny Cash (16) #tweeklyfm #
  • Crazy busy weekend. Spent. Ready to head back to work for relative quiet. #
  • getting caught up on a few things before the wee one awakens. #
  • Over 25 percent of the performers from Wrestlemania VII have died – Y! Sports Blogs – Yahoo! Sports #
  • making life a little nicer with greasemonkey. after seeing how easy it is, I'm tempted to 'fix' some other sites that annoy me. #
  • Look What Happens When You Drop an iPad 2 #
  • did I say may 21? shoot, I meant october 21. #
  • Hoping to squeeze in long overdue haircut… #
  • jilly bean still flying high after her new nebulizer meds. me slightly buzzed as well after delivery. #
  • for fun, try to nebulize an overtired toddler. kinda like giving redbull to a drunk. #
  • Fios outage? That's never happened before… hmm. #
  • Storm knocks out Verizon FiOS, High Speed Internet in Syracuse area #
  • Not-A-Kludge: Bike Repair Station – There, I Fixed It #
  • Xperia Play – the playstation phone interesting #
  • got out and mowed the mud that used to be the lawn. should be out raking, but goofing off on the interwebs. #
  • Thankfully, I have 2011 mazda6 #
  • how did I not know about File > Export in iPhoto? makes getting prints about a zillion times easier… #
  • scrub through your photos, retouch, flag the keepers, then export them and upload to your favorite print service. nice! #
  • Out walking with the jingles again. Kinda hot but there's a nice breeze. #
  • Just walked past some one weed whacking in their yard and belting out some show tunes. I should try that. #
  • Somebody is following me… #





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