Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-22

  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Paul Simon (37), The Black Keys (22) & Michael Jackson (18) #tweeklyfm #
  • turns out if you curse long and loud enough, you can port foward mysql connection to a virtualbox virtual machine. #
  • Das Keyboard: The mechanical keyboard that clicks #
  • turns out nfs is the most straight forward way to share from osx to a virtualbox vm. #
  • with some fiddling nfs isn't too hard to set up on osx side. nfs in ubuntu is cake except for having to get uid/gid to line up. #
  • I ended up just creating a new user on the command line. couldn't seem to get usermod -g [id] name to work. #
  • Good bye my trusty passat. Gonna miss ya. Well, at least your fine turbo. #
  • ouch. sick kid, again. sick daddy, again. up most of the night, again. dr visits to ensue. #
  • oh goodie, the doc says more nebulizer treatments for the wee one. #
  • on the brighter side, she was breathing a lot better after the in office treatment. #
  • messing around the intranets when I should be trying to recover lost sleep from last night. #
  • Lawd always a zillion folks in line when I hit the pharmacy #
  • argh. nurse at jb's dr. forgot to tell me that I need to schedule chest x-ray for wee one. normally, they call imaging center for you #
  • and imaging center calls you back to schedule something. #
  • of course, they called me back after business hours. so, had to go for xray at hospital. #
  • on the bright side, I've never been in and out of a hospital in 25 minutes before. can I get that service every time? #
  • there goes the peace and quiet. wee one awakes from her nap by kicking the changing table. bang bang bang. #
  • nice walk with the jingles. think being outside for a bit does her good. #
  • well, we're not toast yet. was that 6pm EST? #





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