Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-01

  • wow 20+ minute temper tantrum. help, please. #
  • after listening to the new Paul Simon album, I know he was a pretty big influence on Jack Johnson #
  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Pink Floyd (18), Amos Lee (13) & Paul Simon (10) #tweeklyfm #
  • mercy. challenging day. having a sick kid is 10x worse than me being at death's door last week. #
  • rough night. early wake up to sick kid. gonna be another day of tests. #
  • all in one gestures plugin for firefox finally updated for 4.0! woo-hoo! now I can update firefox! #
  • that was a for serious t-storm earlier. wind, downpour, quarter sized hail. half expect roof to blow off. no such luck. #
  • frazzled by a sick kid that doesn't wanna eat at all and just take a few sips of gatorade here and there. #
  • How To Get out of Auto and Into Manual #
  • wtf? why is trying to get a new car so damn annoying? hang on, let me go ask the manager. #
  • btw 2011 jetta not as nice as our 2006 jetta. looks pretty, but cheap cheap cheap on the inside. #
  • Great nothern pizza for quick dinner, then round 2 of car shopping. Fun. #
  • Wasting a nice day killing time at another car dealer. #
  • Been here 30 minutes and I think I've heard the same phil collins song on muzak again already #
  • At least I'm getting quality time to catch up on twitter. #brightside #
  • Car pricing is silly. Mazda6 lease is a lot less than a mazda3? Can someone make this process more sane, please? #
  • Btw I didn't know it was still possible to get are car without cruise control? #
  • Sorry the lease deal in the paper was for a specific car. We sold it. Will try to get you the same deal on the identical one you picked.. #
  • exiting the dub club. zoom zoom, mazda6. seems to be missing one of the zooms though. #





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