Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-24

  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Paul Simon (30), Ray Charles (29) & Amos Lee (29) #tweeklyfm #
  • awesome! my mom's komen tribute page has blasted past the goal! now at $722! We still need your help! #
  • Saranac pale pale ale. Mmm tasty. #
  • Out of commission with flu and/or strep throat. Everything hurts and I'm burning up. #
  • Worried that I'm gonna need an IV 'cause it hurts so much to drink. Struggle to get pills down. #
  • Hello android 2.2.2 update! Let's make things less crashy, k? #
  • Damn. Spent too long at work. Think I may have rebooted my recovery. Arch. #
  • Still trying to recover. Trick #1 don't let your ibuprofen run out. #
  • sore throat still inhibiting my coffee enjoyment. foo. #
  • body feels better today, but my brain is in some kind of fog. need to ratchet up the productivity. #
  • struggle through a whole day of work. too bad it felt I like half my brain home. #
  • random priority mail package addressed to the wee-one from address we don't know. stuff animal and nothing else. #paranoid #
  • cranky toddler alert. didn't sleep well last night. can't be pleased today. #
  • forgot its a food holiday weekend. wegmans was jammed. should have just did a u-turn in the parking lot. #
  • good read on priorities… Cranking #
  • iTunes almost pulled off the impossible by updating with stoping my song. but near the end it asked to shut 'er down. #almostawsome #





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