Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-17

  • had a great lunch with sandy's brother @ cheese cake factory in rochester. #
  • amazingly baby friendly place, btw. ie: as soon as we sat down, they brought over kiddie plate with bread and banana slices. #
  • spent after a long day yesterday, and congested kid overnight. should have went running, and regretting it now. should have brought a pillow #
  • say what? a convertible Nissan Murano #
  • coupled with juke, I think the whole nissan design team may be drunk #
  • opened window to enjoy some fresh air. instead, I get all the diesel exhaust from the compressors and generators running for construction. #
  • …and all the noise too. foo. #
  • hmmm. bacn. #
  • Oscium's iMSO-104 turns your iPad into a mixed signal oscilloscope #
  • acquired new kicks for the jingles. $39 for toddler shoes and they're even brand name. oh well, she seems to like 'em. #
  • didn't get the big storms that the weather man promised. the wind is ripping pretty good now though. my get thunder yet. #
  • poof. a bunch of perl modules previously installed on my dreamhost account went missing. annoyed. #
  • Higher than normal productivity today. Let's keep this train a roll'n. #
  • Jonesing for a run. Hope the weather cooperates in the AM. #
  • raining like crazy when I wanted to run, so I bagged and fixed the mountain goat run volunteer signup page. #
  • Funny Parenting Photos Blog: Sh*t My Kids Ruined #
  • wanted to install a windows tool. needs .net update. download a 268k updater that tells me it wants to download 39Mb of stuff. #
  • then it blows up because full install will take 1039Mb and I've only got 740Mb free. #
  • cool. now you can actually find tool for program your dvr on without having to resort to search. finally. #
  • please stop ringing, crisis phone. I need my beauty rest. #
  • control + alt + delete'ng an xp vm for the umpteenth time. #
  • Its Komen Race for the Cure time, please help me raise funds and honor my Mom: #
  • Moose => Mouse => Mousse ? #
  • replaced my magic mouse with $10 logitech. there's that fast tracking I've been looking for. #
  • anybody wanna by an Apple Magic Mouse in very good condition? $45 direct message me. #
  • having a productive saturday, even with a cranky 16 month old. #
  • installed 2 towel bars. (we've been in the house 3 years, so, its probably time.) moved a mount of trash. did some personal site work. #
  • Tough day. The jingles a wreck most of the day. And, this isn't even the terrible twos yet. #gulp #
  • woke up with a headache. that means this day isn't likely to go well. #
  • enjoying last few minutes of quiet before the mayhem starts again. #crazytoddler #





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