Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-10

  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Black Eyed Peas (52), Black Label Society (27) & Art of Dying (26) #tweeklyfm #
  • mercy. the wee one was a handful today. nothing keeping her entertained for more than 10 minutes. #
  • back and arm all messed up this morning. that'll teach to do an extra nice job vacuuming the wife's car. #
  • opened up fresh can of whoop ass on some annoying bugs. feeling almost productive. lets hope it sticks. #
  • Not-A-Kludge: That’s Just Unsettling #
  • love my cats. one howling at 3am. the other barfing at 5:30. argh. #
  • amos lee then black eyed peas? yep, that's how I roll. #
  • jilly was bopping along to some Stevie Wonder in the Best Buy home theater room #
  • hmm. haven't run in a few weeks. out of the blue I've got a knee that's wicked sore. argh. #
  • good lawd, if tonight was a preview of the terrible twos, we're in Big Trouble. #
  • and the icing on the cake is a cat that won't stop howling. he's not likely to last till the morning. #
  • That was a pretty funny @MythBusters. Adam and Jamie dressing up as each other and trying to spoof fans. #
  • excellent. I slept all the away through the night. was wide awake at 3 for the last few nights. #
  • Progress! #
  • Ooo. Sparkles! #
  • Probably not my next ride #
  • …and 2 hours later… #
  • follow progress of Landmark Theatre stage expansion in my flick feed: #
  • running pre kid: everyday. running post kid: once a week, maybe, if I'm lucky #
  • boo. firefox 4 mobile no go on my samsung intercept. #
  • amazon cloud player is a go though. kinda like it more that I thought I would. #
  • feeling brilliant after remapping keyboard short cut for screen shot to clipboard from shift + control + command + 4 to just F6. #
  • cats are supposed to hate water, right? how come my cat is having a ball splashing half a gallon of water out of his dish right now? #
  • Moving right along… #
  • up early to try to sneak a run in before the normal weekend mayhem. #
  • feeling productive. 5.5 miles done, shower, and breakfast before 7. probably means I'll be asleep before Jilly tonight. #
  • ooo. just used the Thunderbolt connector on the new mac. Too bad its just to hook up a monitor. #
  • still love FIOS. lemme download that new ubuntu beta. in 3 min. #
  • spinning up a new ubuntu 10.10 vm. haven't installed from scratch lately. #
  • I like the way the installer asks you questions while copying files in the background. brilliant! #
  • preparing for nap time after busy day on the jingles entertainment committee. think a nice Saranac Summer Ale is in order. #
  • sent my first mac (2006 white macbook) home with a loving new owner. sniff. #
  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Amos Lee (35), Black Eyed Peas (26) & Stone Temple Pilots (16) #tweeklyfm #





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