Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-27

  • My Top 3 Weekly #lastfm artists: Stone Temple Pilots (17), Blue Man Group (17) & The Smashing Pumpkins (16) #tweeklyfm #
  • a nice cold rainy ride in this morning. #betterThanSnow #
  • maybe my nose might stop running for more than 5 minutes. can't tell if its a cold or hayfever. either way, time to get more sudafed #
  • firefly iTunes server for ubuntu. sounds cool, not so exciting after getting it running. #
  • makes all the songs look like one big playlist. not that useful. anything else similar with less suck? #
  • wow, that's fast! #
  • another taxing day draws to a close. #
  • always nice to end things with a little daughter barf with the good night bottle. #
  • moving some files around on my back up drives. got more stuff than I remember. even disk to disk (USB2) its gonna take hours. #
  • if I was gonna drop $300 on tablet, I might as well ante up drop the extra to get the ipad2. #
  • for sale: 2006 white macbook. core duo 2Ghz, 2Gb memory, 320Gb hd, snow leopard. works 100%, average wear. $350, direct message me. #
  • really wish Bob Vila would stop sending me spam. if you're board, come over and fix my roof. #
  • ok, enough with the winter already. I hit my snow quota months ago. #
  • another exciting night at CHQ. gonna need a nap. #
  • enjoying building some stuff YUI, after grumbling about fixing problems that turn out to be missing dependencies. #
  • please go down in flames, rather than dying silently. #
  • beep beep beep, time for backups! #
  • starting a new incremental backup volume. 1Gb down, 269Gb to go. #
  • Eating out is fun! #
  • Good lawd. Estimated checkout time at wegmens approaching infinity. #
  • Fail Crane Saturday – Fail-Crane’s Dramatic Reenactment #





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