Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-13

  • one snapping of the fingers later and rain is now snow. crap. #
  • happy to report migration assistant on mac work flawlessly. apps and data made it to new machine slowly but intact. #
  • wee one off to sleep after a nap free day. frazzled. #
  • My Top 3 Weekly #lastfm artists: Dave Matthews Band (50), Ben Folds (28) & Gnarls Barkley (27) #tweeklyfm #
  • 2 feet of snow at garage door, 3+ feet at street. snowblower makes 2 passes than stalls out. fatality. likely split fuel line. #
  • guess someone is telling me to work form home today. #
  • minor cursing trying to get sshfs working on new mac. turns out 32 bit fuse plugin no good on 64 bit kernel. argh. #
  • on the plus side, 64 Bit sshfs seems to be a lot snappier. cool. #
  • spent after a little under 3 hours moving snow today. anyone know a good snowblower/small engine repair shop? (with pickup?) #
  • yow. my back is totally not happy about all the snow moved yesterday. must be sure to find snowblower repair guy today. #
  • that's kind of nice. apple sends you a 'thanks for purchasing you Mac' email. not for macheads, but probably good for newbies and switchers #
  • good morning, dexter! thanks for the puke. again. #
  • hoping that's the accumulated snow in my wheel making my car bounce all over 690 on the way in. lets see how the ride home goes. #
  • mercy, the magsafe connector new mac is strong. #
  • waiting on miss fancy pants to finally fade out. still chatting away in bed. #
  • That's a serious cherry picker #
  • iTerm 2 looks tasty, but me thinks I'll wait for it to bake out of alpha before giving it a shot. #
  • remembering when I used to have the time for running and blogging. sniff #
  • Oops. Lent. Nuts! #
  • Yes, I do like fries. Why do you ask? #
  • win xp still haunting. running a virtual machine with no space left on drive. trying to free up space, but uninstall says it can't run… #
  • … because there's some other installer already running. foo. #
  • just trying to boot into xp long enough to figure out how to tell my brother how to set a mic level. argh. #
  • xp only took 1 hour to install audio driver for crummy intel chip. all so I could look at the setup screen. don't even care if it works #
  • just minted a shiny new ubuntu 10.10 server vm for messing around with Mojolicious #
  • this walk for mojo on dreamhost was helpful in the process #
  • curious. my magic mouse bluetooth connection just flew off handle. took a (gasp) restart to get bluetooth back in line. #





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