Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-06

  • My Top 3 Weekly #lastfm artists: Santana (18), Michael Jackson (17) & Sufjan Stevens (16) #tweeklyfm #
  • happy to report broken snowblower starter cord repair was successful. #
  • well, at least good enough to get it to start. cord not retracting fully. #worksforme #
  • trying out Alfred as a replacement for aged Quicksilver. lets see how things go.. #
  • trying to plow another pile of paper work. does it ever end? #
  • And thus begins another crazy week #
  • Hope the house doesn't wash away with all the rain were supposed to get today #
  • Cough medicine and bed time bottle don't mix. Barf all over daddy again. Likely to be a long night… #
  • best SSID I've seen today? "FBI Surveillance Van #3 quot; #
  • in the office at 5:30 for a big deployment. on 4 hours sleep. pure awesome. wake me when its over. #
  • got a headache and feels like a jackhammer inside my head. oh wait, that's just the jackhammer outside my window. #
  • national grid, oh national grid, where for art thou? thanks for missing your appointment to replace my gas meter. #
  • starting friday right with uncle (f'ing) ted and some strangehold (live) #
  • man, that concrete pump is loud and annoying. #outcometheheadphones #
  • Hello beautiful… #
  • Waiting the eternity for everything to transfer from old computer to new #
  • Cracking open a nice skunky heinekin #
  • hint of day, when planning to migrate old mac stuff to new, don't set up new with same account name as old. headaches later. #
  • oh yeah, that's right. new mac gives me free iLife update. cool. #
  • awesome. another winter storm watch. hope this one is productive as last (which was nill) #





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