Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-02-27

  • pizza roll enjoyment to ensue #
  • crunch! a touch too fast? #
  • giving firefox 4 (beta 11) a shot on mac. pretty nice, no crashes, and somewhat faster. gestures plugin not yet compatible. foo. #
  • It Never Really Gets Old #
  • My Top 3 Weekly #lastfm artists: Black Eyed Peas (31), Roger Waters (31) & Genesis (29) #tweeklyfm #
  • Relatively drama free weekend. It seems all the jilly bean is interested in is eating and sleeping. #
  • new virtualbox is snappy. spins up my xp machines in 3 seconds. #
  • of course, they crash a minute or two later, but I think that's just XP being XP. #
  • another crash and burn night with jilly. bottle and bed NOW! #
  • a couple of cool 3d pics in the last retweet, btw #
  • winter, please go away. #
  • Wow! The updated twitter for android has a lot less suck… #
  • Waiting on the shuttle from the dub dealer to the office. #
  • If it wasn't so cold I'd go out and check out the new rides #
  • hate some when I think something is broken, but I'm just a retard because I can't remember how its supposed to work #
  • how fitting. using git blame to assign blame. #
  • hmm. jb seems to have picked up another cold. some nose dribble and cough again. didn't sleep well, gonna be crank all day. #
  • fixing for another bout of winter mess. might not be a false alarm, 2" of snow magically appeared in my driveway in the last hour #
  • 6" on snow in the driveway. Pull start the snowblower and the cord breaks. Snowblower did turn over. Win? #
  • Almost. Got from the garage to the street and the it stalled out. Argh. #
  • saturday fun. chores, chores, and more chores. and try to fix snowblower. #
  • Gonna Shower It Right Into the Danger Zone #
  • target, again? #
  • its not my birthday. but i'll take some pizza please #
  • wow! babies r'us is huge! #
  • Successful first dinner out with the jingles. Even got her to have a few bites of pizza. #





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