Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-02-20

  • if you're looking for my house, its the big pile of puke with a roof on it (and a new furnace) #
  • terrible 2's at 14 months? the bean is feeling ok, but is a terrible crank. nothing pleases her for more than minute. #
  • My Top 3 Weekly #lastfm artists: Jack Johnson (37), Joe Satriani (29) & Black Eyed Peas (15) #tweeklyfm #
  • My house is gotta be pretty fireproof with the foot thick ice dam on the roof. Anyone got a flamethrower? #
  • some installed an app on my android phone that prevented the phone from charging. how is that even possible? #
  • now my (external) apple keyboard isn't working. worked fine yesterday. no other changes. #
  • don't like where this week is going already. #
  • ok, more interesting, the keyboard just doesn't work when the phone is plugged in. #facepalm #
  • Google: Bing Is Cheating, Copying Our Search Results #
  • you'd think since godaddy sells about a bazillion domains a day, their web interface might not suck. wrong. #
  • besides the oversales on everything from 'matching domains' to hosting, you can't enter an phone number with extension. #
  • and it refuses to remember address changes in registration or billing info. #
  • Nice parking job! #
  • exotic eats – chicken box #
  • ice damn? screw it! #
  • pure awesome. IE won't set a cookie if your server name has an underscore in it. ff, safari, chrome, no problem. #
  • another half day wasted on IE problem. #
  • good lunch treat! #
  • fun at the mall #
  • pretty soon #
  • whats with all this white stuff? #
  • picked up pair of ibeats. ear bud headphones by dr. dre courtesy of 30% off at ultimate electronics going out of business sale. #
  • as you'd guess, they're kinda bass-y. but not in a bad way. after swapping to the big ear tips, they'd don't fall out of my cavernous ears #
  • phew. thought for a bit it was gonna be one of those no nap days. finally puttered out. #
  • something ironic about buying expensive headphones to listen to mp3's. oh well. #
  • jb picking up an awful whine all the sudden. gimme what I want NOW! doesn't work on daddy though. #
  • hmm. bacon. #
  • hmm. a little sad when the biggest ear cups included with your new 'buds are just a touch too small. #
  • happy jb to screamer in 5 minutes. nuclear meltdown as night time bottle was warming up. #
  • holy freaking wind last night. thought for sure we were gonna wake up in Oz. #
  • man, its ugly out there there. wind sucks and its crazy slippery out there. #
  • Domain Blow Out Sale #





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