Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-02-13

  • boosting the ailing furnace with fancy digital space heater. still forecasting heart attack when opening next utility bill. #
  • considering moving computer off my lap after noticing that battery is starting to bulge. #
  • twittersphere: will a first generation macbook run without a battery? (when plugged in, duh. some lappy's gotta have one even jacked in) #
  • My Top 3 Weekly #lastfm artists: Dave Matthews Band (22), The Black Keys (17) & Amos Lee (16) #tweeklyfm #
  • great way to start the week… almost couldn't get my car out of flat driveway. I think I'm done with winter. #
  • bummer, I used to like to listen to stations on my Squeezebox. oh well, no time for such stuff lately anyway. #
  • VW Passat 2012 jury still out for me. #
  • yea! more snow. always nice when blow goes by at 30 miles an hour and knocks over all your curbside garbage. #
  • hmm. roads worse that first appear. happy to people slowing down a bit. #
  • Snowpocalypse #
  • ok weather, you don't like me and I don't like you. do we really need 5 degree low tonight when I've got a busted furnace? #
  • Hmm 2:37 am and up with a sick wee one. Needed full wardrobe and bedding change. Gonna be a grrrrreat day, can see it now. #
  • And a repeat performance 15 minutes after we get her back in bed. #sickkidssuck #
  • pleasant sounds of old furnace being dismantled. feel free to use hammers if you like. #
  • electrical line to furnace is not grounded #notSurprised #
  • old furnace out. just fit through crawlspace access. #
  • bonus. contractor says they're happy to haul away other misc HVAC junk accumulating in crawlspace. #score #
  • ooooh. new thermostat. sexy. well, as sexy as thermostats go. #
  • new furnace pre-install #
  • sucks to be an installer. getting furnaces through there was fun #
  • high-tech. look at all them wires #
  • snag. brackets for old furnace no in right place for new furnace. rejiggering to ensue. #
  • How To Easily Track Your Time With Tictoc #
  • Marathon man preps for second live stream, with multiple iPhones, iPad #
  • Furnace install completed at 7:30pm. Guys were pretty well spent. Let's see if the house is more comfortable now. #
  • Ahh the heat just kicked off. Seems like first time in weeks. Relax with a Rheem. #
  • mmm. some 'As I Lay Dying' is effective as coffee for getting my brain going. #
  • regaling co-works with fun stories of furnace replacement. #
  • Jilly just unlocked the Stairmaster badge. Up, up, and away. #
  • Ice Dam It #
  • Nuts. The wee ones got a bum tummy again. Gotta see if there's something going around the daycare. #
  • Any chance I could get a week with about 75% less suck; this week was rough. #
  • the beans up early 'cause she hungry, but a little afraid to eat. boo's. #
  • oh yeah, and I'm have some new stomach pain. guess I'm next for the heaves. #
  • nice to see NYS car registration went up $20 since last time I renewed. Born free, taxed to death. #





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