Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-02-06

  • trying to find my desk at home under months of accumulated paperwork. #
  • ok. that's a little better. maybe I'll be motivated to do some work. wish home office had a door though. #
  • just posted a pic: #
  • Wkly #lastfm artists: Dave Matthews Band (20), Gnarls Barkley (20) & Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue (18) #
  • hmm. not sure why picplz app on android rotated my cheesy green bean casserole pic like it did… #
  • Feel kinda like I got hit by a bus. Flu shot gone wrong? #
  • Nothing I enjoy more than having a fever this time of year. Alternating be between bouts of too hot and freezing. #
  • freezing my hands off in my home office. time to relocate to warmer climate. #
  • since when does Fedex pull into your driveway when making deliveries? #
  • pondering how to store all the baby stuff that jilly has already outgrown. #
  • Some snow, but ain't no snowmegeddon quite yet. #
  • Hmm. Time to get furnace checked. It's been running for 24 hours straight. Probably not good When it's over 20 degrees out… #
  • ironic: side walks on the other side of jefferson are a mess, when the sidewalks behind the construction fence are perfectly cleared. #
  • The Fresh Air Interview: The Black Keys | good stuff! #
  • check out the interesting story behind the next girl video in that last link… #
  • thank you google and ubuntu forums! now I can change desktops with mouse wheel again! #
  • hmm. ya know what sucks? being up in middle of night with sick kid when you're sick. jilly fever, me sinus infection. #
  • waiting on mr. furnace repair guy. please be nice! #
  • via @FleetFeetSYR: A sad but a touching newsletter this week. Enjoy. so, so, sad. #
  • admire the promptness of furnace guy scheduling. window 8-10, he shows up at 8:03 #
  • great. rest in peace furnace. cracked heat exchanger. argh. #
  • via the last tweet: #
  • passing the time until the furnace replacement crew comes. fixin to acquire another space heater or two in the meanwhile. #
  • doing a little catch up work on sat afternoon. laptop on couch is working ok, but need heat shield to prevent lap burn. #





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