Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-30

  • My Top 3 Weekly #lastfm artists: The Black Keys (38), Ray Charles (37) & Santana (24) #tweeklyfm #
  • forecasting in heart attack when opening next gas and electric bill. #
  • my furnace is running pretty much non-stop and having trouble keeping up with -10F outside. #
  • so, how cold is it? #
  • ok, lets try this again. Boost Motorola i1 for sale: #
  • btw, 14 degrees out on the way home, I almost took my coat off. #
  • guess its all in the timing. 2nd auction on the phone closed by buy it now in 12 hours. Instant payment. Done. #
  • getting ready to put away my winter coat. 25 out this morning. heat wave! #
  • giggling as I realize that my blue tooth mouse is still paired with the computer even though its not in the same room. #
  • wiped out after a trying day. looking to forward to a day with the jingle tomorrow. #
  • wondering how my amazon music recommendations has come up with all free content last few days. most are junky compilations, but free is free #
  • foo. the jilly bean not feeling so hot. almost no nap and cranky as can be. #
  • another jekyll and hyde morning with sick kid. fine one second, them kablam, tantrum time. #
  • Katzenklavier #
  • have I mentioned how much I love my cat digit yet today? #
  • At target getting my long overdue flu shot. Poke! #





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