Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-16

  • jilly girl seems to be back to normal. just in time for another bout of day care tomorrow. #
  • 3.5 mile run in wind and snow when its 25 degrees out. I think I may be off my nut. #
  • My Top 3 Weekly #lastfm artists: Black Eyed Peas (30), Sufjan Stevens (19) & The Black Keys (15) #tweeklyfm #
  • props to @boostmobile, even who gave me great customer service (twice) even though I was terminating their system. #
  • my problem specific to the phone, not their service. if they get a better android phone, I might go back. #
  • hmm. jilly out like a light after a bottle at 7:45. 8:40 wailing away. gonna be a rough night, methinks. #
  • would be nice and week went by with out the rescue brigade stopping by… #
  • not too rough a night. jilly woke up a few times, moaned a bit then fell back asleep. poor wittle fing… #
  • awesome. I've got less than quarter tank of fuel in my passat and either gas door release is frozen or no longer functional. #
  • hoping its the former and not the latter. #
  • Hello Synapse! (gnome-do alternative) goodbye, since you don't seem to launch wine apps. #
  • 2011-01-09_15.08.48.jpg #
  • 2011-01-09_15.12.18.jpg #
  • 2011-01-10_18.15.07.jpg #
  • for my next trick I'll figure out how email pics off my phone rather than SMS'ng them (so they'll have a description when they hit flickr) #
  • Killing a little time at the dealer to get that busted fuel door release cleared up #
  • Doesn't like its snowing much, but its still piling up. #
  • You Think YOU Can Dance? #
  • jilly not a happy camper. crummy day at day care yesterday. crummy night at home. lot of coughing and crying. back to the doctor she goes #
  • Expensive Nuts #
  • trying retrain my brain to use the twitter mac app instead of browser. #
  • keep looking for a twitter in a browser tab after I close a link I took from the app. foo. #
  • twitterverse, what's the acceptable time to wait between close of auction and payment on ebay? #
  • sad. the camera on my new android phone is about a zillion times better than on the old phone. new phone is 3.1M vs. 5M on old. whatever… #





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