Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-02

  • back to work already? that didn't feel like 4 days off.. #
  • How did any one ever make any web apps before firebug? #
  • Michael Paul Smith,Flickr Phenomenon: Catching Up – #
  • check out the last sweet tweet for a deal on one of my best albums of 2010. #
  • bose noise canceling headphones weren't made for folks who wear glasses. foo. #
  • A Positive Ending #
  • That Is Priceless #
  • getting used to 4 day holiday shortened weeks. can I have that every week? pleez…. #
  • hello 2011, nice to meet you. lets have a little less suck than 2010, ok? #
  • not 'the' resolution run. but a resolution run, none-the-less. #
  • coulda/shoulda went farther but didn't want to regret it later. #
  • think there's a busted water main on my street. seems to be a lot of water in the road and water pressure is nill. #
  • goody. we have water again. more pressure than we've had in a while. wonder if something has been busted for a while. #
  • after a napless day, the wee one finally putters out. mom and dad spent. #





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