Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-12-26

  • Drove the mrs out to waterloo for a little shopping.. #
  • mental note, install new pictures of the wee-one at work desk. #
  • Delete cookies? #
  • Momma informs me that there have been numerous gate breaches today #
  • Crafty little girl we've got there… #
  • Silly me thinking that barbershop wouldn't be jammed this early in the holiday week. #
  • Fearless Leader #
  • last minute festivities prep. printing a zillion pictures, making brownies, and peanut butter cheese fudge. #
  • foo. just realized that I haven't charged up all camera gear though. good thing I've got 2 sets of batteries! #
  • Plane bound from Chicago makes emergency landing at Syracuse airport | #
  • thinking syracuse might be the emergency landing capital of the world… #
  • Satisfied to call the holidays done. #
  • Kicking back with a tasty Saranac Black Forest. Yum. #





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